Re-opening...COVID-19 Policy

Due to social distancing measures, please check our STUDIOS & RATES page for max studio occupancy. No one else will be permitted in the building! We will revisit this on a weekly basis. For our staff's safety, temporarily we will only do online bookings to help reduce social interaction. Also, to enter the building and in common areas, everyone will be required to wear a mask. Our modified hours are Monday thru Friday from 12-6pm and Saturday from 12-3pm. As with all Covid-19 policy, we will revisit it on a weekly basis and keep you up to date. 

Why am I getting RMRS emails?

By using the Rivington Music Rehearsal Studios online booking service you agree to sign up for the RMRS monthly newsletter. We only send you emails pertinent to our services like discounts, specials and coupons. We never share your email with third parties to whom you have not explicitly permitted access (unless we are legally compelled to do so under situations we could not control or prevent).

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each newsletter although we hope you don’t.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation or Session changes with more than 48 hours notice, a credit will be issued.

If a cancellation is made with less than 48 hours notice, no credit will be issued nor booking rescheduled. 

Credits are redeemed on our BOOK A STUDIO page. Credits expire 180 days from date of issue. (*) Credits can only be redeemed once. No credit will be issued for a session booked using a credit. 

Please note: Rivington Music Rehearsal Studios is not responsible for weather conditions, transit issues, personal emergencies, etc. During any summer or winter weather event such as rain or snow, if the trains are running, we are open. Please refer to the MTA Service Advisory

What if I made a mistake with my booking?

Clients are asked to check email confirmations/receipts of reservations sent by Rivington Music immediately for any discrepancies in their bookings. Mistakes made day of can be altered/rescheduled/cancelled. Email us immediately to rectify the problem. Our Cancellation Policy will apply to any mistakes not addressed with the hour after it was made. 

Can I change my session date/time?

Yes, 48 hours prior to your session, we will cancel your session and issue a credit. Please note (*) above.

What if there’s bad weather? Snow?

If the trains are running, we are open. Please refer to the MTA Service Advisory

What equipment comes in each studio? Drums? Keyboards?

All studios come with:

5-piece drum kit including cymbals, snare and kick pedal

Guitar Amps

Bass Rig

PA with 3 microphones

Some studios have keyboards, more amps, mirrors, etc. Please refer to our STUDIOS & RATES page for a detailed equipment list and contents of each room. 

Can I record? Are the studios sound proof?

Our studios are sound suppressed but not sound proof. If you’re interested in recording, we suggest booking a time during the week during the day when the building tends to be quieter.

Can I use a credit card?

Cash is king but yes, we take credit cards but there may be a small fee.

What if I forgot something in the studio after my rehearsal?

Rivington Music Rehearsal Studios is not responsible for any items left in the studios. You’re welcome to contact us to see if we have the item and to arrange IMMEDIATE pick up.

How many people can we fit in the studio?

Please check our STUDIOS & RATES page to check maximum room occupancy before booking. 

Is there a waiting area?

As anyone in NYC knows, space is at a premium so unfortunately we don’t have a waiting area. We ask that you come no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled time. However, if the train gods smiled on you and you get here early, there are great bars, restaurants and coffee houses close by. Try, Parkside Lounge, Pause Cafe or, Donnybrook Pub

Do you have ¼” cables? Drumsticks? Keyboard stands? 

We have additional standard cables available in the office. We also have keyboard, music, cymbal stands on a first come, first serve basis. 

We generally also carry drumsticks, ear plugs, guitar straps, etc…but for some of these items there may be an additional fee and might not always be available.

What is this 2$ fee?

Rivington Music charges a 2$ service/credit card transaction fee for all online bookings.