Music Practice Studios NYC – Studio 3 - Book hourly until 6pm then 6-8, 8-10, 10-12

This music practice studio space is perfect for a small to medium size bands. Open everyday from 12 noon to 12 midnight and only $25/hr, a rehearsal studio space has never been more affordable or easily accessible. Studio 3 is ADA compliant. This square shaped space is outfitted with a signature 5 piece Pearl Export Series kit, Guitar amps including a Fender Hot Rod DeVille, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Marshall half stack, Line 6 Spider 4 Half Stack, and a Gallien-Krueger Backline 700 bass amp with a 4-10 cab. A Mackie 1202 VLZ3 mixer with RAMSA monitor speakers ensures that this comfortable studio space sounds great. With Rivington Music’s sound treated walls, your instruments have never sounded better. Bring your laptop loaded with your favorite audio recording software and mic up our amps to track Guitar parts at rehearsal rates, something not all rehearsal studio spaces in New York City offer. All you need is your laptop, we have the rest.

The Room

12' x 13'

The Gear Setup

General Info

High Ceilings
ADA Compliant
4 Folding Chairs

Amps & Cabs

Marshall JCM 900 High Gain-2 ch head
1960 Lead, 4-12 cabinet
Fender Hot Rod DeVille, valve amplification
Tech 21, 1-12, solid state amplification
Gallien-Krueger Backline 600, bass amp
Peavey 1501 bass cabinet


Pearl Export Series drums, 5 piece kit
Cymbals: Hi Hats, 16" Crash, 20" Ride
Snare, Kick Pedal included

Vocal Mixers

Mackie 1202 VLZ3 Mixer
Crown power
3 Shure/GLS Mics
Korg DVR-100C Reverb

Monitors / Speakers

RAMSA 1502 Speakers