Studio 09

From $ 25 /hour

Hourly Rehearsal Space – Studio 9 – Book hourly until 6pm then 6-8, 8-10, 10-12

The cheapest hourly rates around await you at Rivington Music Rehearsal Studios. This space comes fully equipped with a 5-piece Pearl Export series drum kit, and well as many professional high end amps and cabs. The bass rig is a Markbass Little Mark III with a 1-15 cab. Guitar amps include a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and a Marshall Valvestate sitting on top of a Marshall JCM 900 Lead 1936 2-12 speaker cab, your Band has never sounded better. Rounding out Studio 9 with a Yorkville MP6 PA head and Yorkville YS-1502 speaker set, you’ll be able to hear and control every element of your sound.

Room Size

9' x 12'

General Info

4 Folding ChairsMax Occupancy – 4

Amps & Cabs

Peavey TKO 80 bass rigMarshall Bi Chorus 200 ValveState HeadMarshall JCM 900 Lead 2-12 speaker cabFender Power Chorus, solid state amplificationFender FM212R, solid state amplification


Pearl Export Series drums, 5 piece kitCymbals: Hi Hats, 16″ Crash, 20″ RideSnare, Kick Pedal included

Vocal Mixers

Yorkville MP6 PA head3 Shure or GLS wired mics + 3 mic stands (mics may not be pictured in photos)

Monitors / Speakers

Yorkville YS 1-15 speakers

Cancellation Policy

Rivington Music (also referred to on this page as RMRS) operates on a 48 hour notice for all cancellations or reschedules. RMRS does not issue monetary refunds (see bellow for booking errors or mistakes).

Requests for cancellation or booking changes with more than 48 hours notice will be issued a house credit for the same value, so the client can rebook their rehearsal at their convenience. *Credits expire 180 days from date of issue.*

For cancellation made with less than 48 hours notice no credit will be issued, and there will be no possibility of reschedule, including rehearsals booked on the same day.

Credits are redeemed on our BOOK A STUDIO page. No credit will be issued for a session booked using a credit.

Please note: Rivington Music Rehearsal Studios is not responsible for weather conditions, transit issues, personal emergencies including illness, etc.

Booking Errors or Mistakes

Clients are asked to check email confirmations/receipts,  sent via email by Rivington Music, immediately for any discrepancies in their bookings. Please email us immediately to rectify any problem. RMRS will leave a 1 hour window open for changes or refunds, after which our standard cancellation policy applies.

Weather Related Cancellations

RMRS will not close due to weather unless mandated by the City of New York. The exception to this is if the MTA Subway service is cancelled due to severe weather. Please refer to the MTA INFO PAGE for extra details.

Booking Fee

Rivington Music charges a $2 service/credit card transaction fee for all online and card paid bookings.